Bluegill Fishing Tips & Articles

The popularity of the bluegill is easy to understand. For a child just learning how to fish, they are one of the easiest fish to catch. For a advanced angler trying to catch big bluegills is as much of a challenge as catching large bass or pike.

For those interested in fishing bluegills they put up a great fight on light tackle, and for those who enjoy eating fish, their sweet tasting meat is unsurpassed as table fare.  The world record Bluegill is 4 pounds 12 ounces caught on Ketona Lake, Alabama in 1950

Small Plastics for Big Panfish!

The lake was like glass as my wife Kris and I headed across the water to a sand flat with newly emerging bulrushes on it.This particular shallow flat is a major spawning area for crappies, sunfish and bluegills each spring. I killed my outboard and dropped the trolling motor to ease us stealthily into where…

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The Ponds in Spring

Pond fishing gets going in spring, before bigger waters wake up. Here, Kristi Takasaki holds up a nice sunfish caught on a Lindy Little Nipper jig suspended beneath a Thill float. Her father, pro angler Ted Takasaki, was fishing with her on a small body of water in spring. Some anglers waste their early spring…

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