Dancin’ for More Crappies

When north woods guide, Greg Bohn, fishes for crappies in the springtime, all he needs is a boat equipped with a Humminbird sonar/temperature gauge and a Thill slip bobber. “Water temperature is the key. It’s the driving force of where crappies are going to be that day,” said Bohn. “They don’t care about food… nothing … Read moreDancin’ for More Crappies

Midsummer Crappies: You Can Catch ’em!

This may come as a surprise – open-water crappie season lasts far longer than April and May. Sure, boats crowd the shallows when crappies are spawning and the morel mushrooms are popping up in the timber. But, this good tasting fish can be caught from lakes or reservoirs right through summer if you know where … Read moreMidsummer Crappies: You Can Catch ’em!

Spider Rigging for More Crappie

In the old days, crappie fishing was often done with cane poles, or spin cast gear with slip bobbers and minnows. Well, as fishing tackle and technology improved, so have the methods to catch more crappies. The technique called “spider-rigging” has taken crappie fishing to a whole new level and is more effective year round … Read moreSpider Rigging for More Crappie

Knock on Wood for Big Fall Crappies

Crappies can be tough to find all summer long. Like walleyes, crappies tend to suspend and chase shad when the weather is hot. Locating them can be a midsummer nightmare. But that changes as water temperature cools! Big crappies become ‘findable’ again, and it’s worth the effort. Crappies make a great meal on cool autumn … Read moreKnock on Wood for Big Fall Crappies