Success through Fishing Maps

By Russ Warye, author of Fishing the North Country books, guide and researcher.Catching fish starts with preparation! Yes, a big statement…but in the end successful anglers have discovered a tool more important than custom fishing rods, “secret” lures or state of the art depthfinders. Preparation spent studying quality contour fishing maps is always important. This time … Read moreSuccess through Fishing Maps


World class muskies have been taken on nearly every style of lure over time. Bucktails, spinnerbaits, topwater plugs, jigs, crankbaits and livebait have all taken their share of big ones. And, just when it looks like one specific type is beginning to dominate, preferences can suddenly change on a dime tilting statistics in the complete … Read moreJOINTED LURES OR STRAIGHT MODELS

Crankin’ Weedflats & Weedlines

Weeds, whether in a bay, flat, bar, or mid lake hump, are one of the most productive forms of cover for nearly every big gamefish that swims in freshwater. Admittedly, much of my success with magnum muskies, big bass, and wallhangin’ walleyes have come from some form of weeds. This includes every conceivable species of … Read moreCrankin’ Weedflats & Weedlines

The Roots Of A Crankbait

The term “crankbait” was actually first developed by bass tournament anglers back in the late 1960’s, and generally it referred to any hard bodied lure that had a natural, built-in action when retrieved. Before that time, such lures were referred to as plugs, wobblers, vibrating lures, and divers. In fact, the word “plugs” was as … Read moreThe Roots Of A Crankbait

Getting Kids Started: It’s about Them and Their Fishing

A frank discussion on what it takes to get more kids into the sport. To Jason Mitchell, introducing kids to fishing and hooking them on the sport ideally takes place on the same day. It’s a specialty that takes a commitment from an adult that goes beyond “letting ’em come along.” Mitchell is a veteran … Read moreGetting Kids Started: It’s about Them and Their Fishing