Reefin’ Summer Smallies

Other fish might fight better, pound-for-pound, than smallmouth bass. We just don’t know of many. They’re like copper-colored missiles shooting from the water when they’re hooked. It’s a blast catching smallies with a medium-light St. Croix rod and Ardent S2500 spinning reel. Finding smallmouth isn’t usually rocket science either. All that’s needed is knowledge of … Read moreReefin’ Summer Smallies

Spinnerbait Gunnin’ For Big Bronzebacks

A thorough investigation of any largemouth bass angler’s tackle box is sure to reveal a broad selection of spinnerbaits. These crazy safety pin shaped lures are among the deadliest largemouth bass lures of all time. They come in a variety of shapes, weights, sizes, and colors, plus they sport a wide range of skirt styles … Read moreSpinnerbait Gunnin’ For Big Bronzebacks