Crappie Fishing Tips & Articles

Crappie fishing over the recent years has skyrocketed as evident by fishing magazines and tournaments dedicated to Crappies. Crappies can be easy fish to catch if you locate them. There considered nomadic which means they tend roam a lot and never stay in one place for any amount of time.

Both species of Crappies ( White & Black) are found in virtually almost all of the United States. The Black Crappie world record is 4 pounds 8 ounces caught on Kerr Lake, Virginia in 1981. The White Crappie world record is 5 pounds 3 ounces caught on Enid Dam, Mississippi in 1957.

Here are some crappie tips and articles in helping you catch more fishing Crappie:

Dancin’ for More Crappies

Hall of Famer Ted Takasaki with a dandy springtime crappie caught using the system described in this article. Mr. Slip Bobber, Greg Bohn, outlines what you need to know to find and catch crappies as they seek warmer water in the spring. When north woods guide, Greg Bohn, fishes for crappies in the springtime, all…

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Midsummer Crappies: You Can Catch ’em!

Ted Takasaki’s satisfied smile says it all: you can still track down and catch crappies long after the easy shallow spring pickins are over! Follow Ted’s advice on what to look for, how to use side-imaging sonar to find possible hotspots, and what tackle to tempt summer crappies with. Here, Ted holds up a crappie…

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Spider Rigging for More Crappie

In the old days, crappie fishing was often done with cane poles, or spin cast gear with slip bobbers and minnows. Well, as fishing tackle and technology improved, so have the methods to catch more crappies. The technique called “spider-rigging” has taken crappie fishing to a whole new level and is more effective year round…

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Panfish Tactics

Pro fisherman Ted Takasaki with a prized bull bluegill, taken during the low light period of dusk. Follow the formula Ted and Spence Petros offer and you can catch big panfish throughout the day. When you picture fishing educator and former Fishing Facts Editor Spence Petros, an image of man with a large grin holding…

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Knock on Wood for Big Fall Crappies

Pro fisherman Ted Takasaki with a beautiful specimen of exactly what he sought: fall crappie. Follow Ted’s formula and you might find yourself posing for this same picture! Crappies can be tough to find all summer long. Like walleyes, crappies tend to suspend and chase shad when the weather is hot. Locating them can be…

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Spring Crappies

One of the most fulfilling activities for many people is spring crappie fishing. The local waters and temperatures start to rise, the ever-so-active crappie nears spawning time. As spring draws near crappie move toward their spawning areas. If you are a fisherman who enjoys crappie fishing and has chased them before, you know that springtime…

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