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Fishing Lures & Baits

Fishing for Walleye, Trout, Pike, Bass, Stripers, Salmon and Whitefish with Bay de Noc Lures. Manufacturers of Brass Fishing Lures since 1955. Home of the Swedish Pimple, Do-Jigger, Vingla, Flute Spoon, Laker Taker, and the Flutter Laker Taker.

If you enjoy the thrill of big fish explosive strikes give your self the pleasure of casting Big Game Tacklelures. The deep rich colors, superior water dynamics, durability and tantalizing action of Big Game lures ensures bone jarring strikes from trophy Muskies and Northern Pike.

The world’s finest high caliber balsa wooden lures deadly for Big Game Fish!

Our goal at Bitten Fishing Tackle is to bring you revolutionary fishing lure designs with new fish catching action, sound properties and durable lure colors that will attract muskies when other baits will not.

Our fishing baits are handmade in the USA, tuned on the water, and buit with the finest components to help you boat your “fish of a lifetime”.

Black Fly Lures are Custom Hand Made spinner baits for Muskies, Northern Pike and Bass. Made in Canada by Steve Hartnagle and his staff in his shop in Acton Ontario Canada.

Since 1949, the BOBBIE BAIT jerkbait has been used by musky fisherman to pull in record muskies. Compare the BOBBIE BAIT to any of the hundreds of other baits you will find on the market today and you will see and feel a distinct difference. The fish see the difference, too, as more and more muskies are being caught on the BOBBIE BAIT every year.

BOOTAILS are top quality Musky Lures manufactured by Wisconsin Musky Guide, Dave Dorazio. Breathing, crawling “action marabou” feather tails give Bootails a unique, lifelike action that can’t be duplicated by deer hair, nylon, or rubber skirts.

Each Dreamcatcher lure are a unique reversed tied bucktail that flairs out when retrieved creating a larger profile than a typical bucktail. The Dreamcatcher lures are hand tied using only the highest quality components and hair by Bill Green.

Dreamcatcher Bucktails & Tackle offers 3 sizes of bucktails that look different but produce BIG. In the last two years of testing, numerous muskies in the 50 inch class have been caught on the “Dreamcatcher”. The design of the bucktail and the #7, #8, #9 Indiana blades produce a tremendous amount of sound and vibration coming through the water.

Manufacturer of the Dunwright Tackle Box and the hot Dunwright Dancer Musky Lure.

Enticer Tackle has been making quality fishing tackle since 1989. I started out supplying lead head jigs and slip bobber stops to small bait & tackle shops. But it was not soon after that I started making musky and northern pike baits. Thus, in 1990 came the Squid-Tail. After introduction of the Squid-Tail, I started fishing in musky tournaments. It was while fishing musky tournaments that I decided there was a need for a small to medium-size bucktail, a size where a person could cover a lot of water quickly. So in 1994 I came out with the Enticer.

Esox Edge Custom Lures are constructed of premium components and manufactured in the U.S.A. The blades and components are manufactured at the Worth Co. in Stevens Point, WI and are the best money can buy. The lures are perfectly balanced and weighted so they can be thrown in all weather conditions. The heavy duty silicone skirts are custom made, so they can be interchanged between lures, or be replaced if necessary.

Esox Edge currently offers 5 different models of lures. The Thumper, Thumper Jr., Snyper, Lucky 7, and Hawghooker series, all designed to catch big fish in a variety of conditions

For over 30 years Fudally Tackle has been dedicated to producing quality lures for the fisherman who demands the best. That old adage about getting what you pay for is still very true. Fudally lures are made in the USA of only the best materials available.

Hirsch’s Ghosttails is a family run business for over 25 years. The business started as an alternative to the limited selection of unique and quality buck tails on the market.

When Ghosttails began the color explosion was happening on other lures for other species but not in musky. That is where we used our sense of colors and various combinations to catch the attention of the old and the new generation musky fisherman.

Back in the 1950’s, Muskies were on the minds of two Wisconsin men who fished the waters of the Northwoods. Wanting a lure with greater Muskie appeal, they developed the Gopher. Designed to mimic the swimming action of a small rodent, the original lure looked like a small gopher with its brown, flock finish.

After the lure proved to be successful, they added several new colors and began selling them as The Gopher Bait Company. The original Gopher is now considered semi-rare by collectors.

H2o Tackle Manufacturer of the XGlide, H2o Ripper, Da Ratt and the Nitro line of Muskie Baits. Check out our website for demos of how our baits work in the water!

HI-FIN Musky Tackle Company has long been a leader in both quality of workmanship and innovative design in musky fishing tackle. Every one of our musky baits is hand crafted, painted and inspected to meet the highest standards of today’s musky fisherman.


Jacks Jigs offers a complete line of jigs and plastics for panfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleyes, pike and muskies. Avaliable through online ordering! Great products!

Keeper Lures is a family owned company dedicated to creating quality hand crafted lures. Our special collection is well suited to catching panfish of all species. Our panfish spoons are equally effective under the ice or on open water

Our commitment to our customers means that we will never offer a bait unless it has been rigorously tested by us. We want you to fish with confidence, knowing that every Red October Tube Bait offered has already proven itself on the water. Fish them lazy slow or crazy fast, change the weights inside to match the conditions…. is it any surprise that the tube is fast becoming recognized as the most versatile esox bait out there? (Bass anglers have know it for years). Proven again and again by catching fish over 50″ all over North America (including two in less than 10 minutes).

River Run Tackle would like to thank you for helping make the ORIGINAL MANTA Series Jerkbaits the top selling line of jerk baits on the market today. Using the latest designing technology, River Run Tackle has been applying his extensive manufacturing and design expertise to create the next generation of products. With our new, computerized manufacturing and molding facility, you will continue to be able to expect superb consistency and performance from every new lure, giving each a permanent place in your fishing arsenal.

RJ Lures are hand crafted from basswood one at a time, in Houghton, Michigan located in the states Upper Peninsula.

All lures contain quality components along with the strongest and sharpest 2x Mustad hooks. RJ Lures are hand cut, hand airbrushed and clear coated with an ultra clear, durable, UV resistant epoxy finish. All the wood lures have a natural swimming and slow rise action tormenting fish to strike whether casting or trolling.

Bruce and Bill “Fuzzy” Shumway have over 45 years of combined guiding experience in the Hayward/Cable area of Northwest Wisconsin. During this time, Bruce Shumway’s of Shumway Tackle Company has also developed a reputation for producing fish catching, innovative lures for musky and big Northern Pike.

The SKIMMER bucktail was designed, created, and perfected on the Chippewa Flowage and came into existence in 1972. The SKIMMER is a perfected muskie bucktail that is suitable for flowages, darker water, or weedy lakes.

“Years ago I started manufacturing Slammer Crankbaits with the intention of making a quality fishing lure that will produce under any fishing condition. Only top-quality components go into our Slammer Crankbait to ensure this.”

Thru-wire construction for superior strength. Tangle-free super sharp hooks. Unbreakable diving lip. Super-tough epoxy finish. Six, fish-catching colors to match any weather or water condition. Individually tuned to Slammers’ strike-producing action. Computer-designed body style for maximum performance. Laser-cut body shape to insure consistency

Russ and Jake Smith own and operate Smity Bait and Guide Service based in Minocqua Wisconsin, Russ & Jake has over 33 combined years experience fishing and Muskie bait building. Join Russ & Jake for a guided fishing adventure of a lifetime.

We at Spanky Baits have been hand-making muskie lures now for many years. We have a remarkable line of bucktails and fireballs that will hold up to the toughest of fish.

Our mission is to manufacture high quality, cutting edge lures and bring them to you directly for an affordable price. Our company is committed to continual product improvement through feedback from our field researchers and consumers.

Our Creative Team will take innovation to the highest possible level with different styles of thinking and approach. Through proven success by our loyal fisherman, Spanky Baits will become the standard by which all other lures are measured. Spanky Baits proudly supports habitat conservation, CPR and the general betterment of all our fisheries.

For over half a century, the legendary Suick name has meant one thing to muskie fisherman – success! The record set by Frank Suick of 30 legal muskies in 30 days is still unequaled. Today, the Suick tradition continues with 28 explosive colors and four sizes. Perfect for muskies, northern pike, largemouth bass, walleye and more!

Suick…Still handcrafted, one at a time. That’s how my grandfather built the first Suick and I think he would be proud to know that we are still building them that way today.”

Slowie Baits are made in the USA of only the finest quality materials available. They were developed by Joe Pestka and family, Joe is well known professional guide in Northern Wisconsin that wanted to have a bait to offer his customers that would catch fish. Joe and his family are dedicated to producing the highest quality baits available that will produce results in any condition.

Some of the best and most well-known fisherman in the country have won tournaments with a Slowie Bait. …You can too!

At Tyrant Tackle our goal is to bring you high quality Muskie and Northern Pike lures using the finest components available at a price point that will not hurt your pocket book. Having over 10 years experience in the Musky lure business as well as being very active with Muskies Inc., we feel our lures rank as some of the best on the market today. We look forward producing Musky lures that will bring you memories that last a lifetime.