Improved Clinch Knot

What It Does: Ties a medium- to heavy-weight line to a lure, swivel, or hook.

Why It’s Useful: Compared to a regular clinch knot, it’s much less likely to break when you’ve got a bigger fish on the line. In fact, given that it only takes a few seconds more to tie an Improved Clinch knot, there’s no reason to tie a regular clinch knot on anything but the lightest line.

How to Tie It:

1. Pass the line through the eye of hook, swivel or lure. Double back and wrap the end 5 times around the standing line.

2. Holding the coils in place, thread end of line through the first loop above the eye, then through the big loop.

3. Hold the tag end and standing line while coils are pulled up, making sure the coils do not overlap each other. Slide tight against the eye and clip the end.