Snell Knot

What it does: Connects a leader to a baited hook.

Why it’s useful: Strong, reliable, and simple to tie. Just note that you can only use the Snell knot with a leader.

How to Tie It:

Snell Knot

1. Pass one end of the leader throungh the eye of the hook so that it sticks outone or two inches past the eye, towards the barb.Pinch the hook and leader endtogether between your leftthumb and index finger right where it exits the eye, make a large loop, then hold the loop down so that enough is sticking out to wrap several times around the leader and hook shank.

2. Wrap the end tightly around the leader and hook shank7 or 8times, towards the barb. On the final wrap, pass the end back through the looped leader, so that it points towards the barb.

3. Grasping the end near the barb and the end on the other side of the eyelet, slowly pull the leader until it is almost tight. Slide the loops up against the eye, then grip the short end with pliers and completely tighten the knot. Trim the end hanging towards the barb.