Gain Experience on Fall Musky Training Grounds

Fall is considered by musky fisherman as the time for trophy fish. Large female muskies putting on the feedbag to sustain their developing egg mass are on the prowl, hunting suckers, ciscoes and whitefish. If you hope to catch a musky that’s truly heavy for its length, fall is the time to do it. However, … Read moreGain Experience on Fall Musky Training Grounds

The Plastics Revolution In Musky Fishing

Musky fishermen can be extremely slow to change because they are seldom willing to risk time on the water to try what they perceive as an offbeat method. The soft plastic revolution that is occurring right now in their sport underscores that statement. It was about forty years ago when a group of Illinois anglers … Read moreThe Plastics Revolution In Musky Fishing

Find Wisconsin’s Hidden Musky Gems

Musky fishermen on the lookout for big fish have long followed the “fishbowl theory” — that is, the bigger the bowl, the bigger the fish inside them grow. Applied to muskie fishing, that means the bigger the water, the better the chance at a trophy. You can’t argue with the big fish opportunities offered by … Read moreFind Wisconsin’s Hidden Musky Gems