Roaming the Northwoods for Musky

Roaming the Northwoods for Musky with a “Shallow Southern Approach” As fortunate as I really don’t want to sound, I have the muskie dream life. Without overly boosting, fate has left me fishing the best of both muskie worlds, a combination of the great southern reservoirs in Kentucky and the famed glacier made waters of … Read moreRoaming the Northwoods for Musky

Drawdown Muskies

“Lakes with severe water level changes, such as those experiencing a drawdown, present problems for the muskie angler. Here’s a few ways to cope with water level fluctuations any time of the year.” Whether intended for flood control, electrical generation, or both, sharp, sudden changes in water levels are common occurrences at many reservoirs. Naturally, … Read moreDrawdown Muskies

Night Shift for Muskies

“Big Muskies After Dark” After a guiding career that dates back well over fifteen years I now find myself working somewhat a swing shift. Like many other occupations guiding for muskies successfully means working long unusual hours. During the past few years while guiding summers in the northern muskie range I find myself regularly spending … Read moreNight Shift for Muskies

“Late Summer Power Buzzbaiting”

In my years of guiding I have found one of the toughest times to consistently boat muskies is during the late summer to fall transition period. With summer ending, daylight hours shorten, thus water temperatures start to drop slightly. This drop in temperature causes large schools of shad to move toward the surface creating a … Read more“Late Summer Power Buzzbaiting”

“Take to the Road for Muskies” Utilizing manmade structure for consistent production

What once were passageways for horse drawn machinery and motorized vehicles have now become an underwater super highway, a seasonal travel route for most all species of fish. Whether asphalt, gravel or dirt these underwater roads seem to be one of the most overlooked types of structure for most muskie anglers. These roadbeds are one … Read more“Take to the Road for Muskies” Utilizing manmade structure for consistent production

MSI: Muskie Scene Investigations

“Scope out a few tips on how to examine, analyze and evaluate the evidence to establish patterns to prime muskie territory and forage” Muskie anglers today more than ever are visiting foreign waters. Whether it is club outings, weekend getaways, vacations or even tournaments, we all are finding ourselves regularly challenged by unfamiliar waters. Facing … Read moreMSI: Muskie Scene Investigations