Walleye Fishing Tips & Articles

Walleye fishing tips & articles
Artwork provided by Rodd Umlauff

Walleyes are creatures of the night. Like bats and owls and other nocturnal animals that are active and feed during the darkness. Walleyes have light sensitive eyes with a pigment layer in their retina called a tapetum lucidum, this allows Walleyes to see well in dimly lit or murky water. Walleyes are classified as a cool water fish and are found through out the U.S. inland waters, Great lakes, as well as many regions of Canada. Walleye fillets are considered to have the best tasting flesh of freshwater fish and are recreationally as well as commercially fished. The world record Walleye is 22 pounds 11 ounces from Greer’s Ferry, Arkansas in 1982.

Here are some walleye fishing tips and articles in helping you catch more fishing walleyes:

Fall Walleyes and Rocks

With a mouth full of predator teeth, big walleyes look like they could chew up underwater rocks. Instead, fall walleyes often frequent rocky bottoms while feeding heavily. Follow the formula outlined here by Ted Takasaki, and it’ll be you holding up a big fish for the picture. Though it can get cold – make that,…

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The Eyes Have It

The rich colors of an above-water sunset belie the low light conditions fish face as they play out nature’s game of predator and prey. Read all about the art and science of color from the playbook of Hall of Fame angler Ted Takasaki, who poses here with a dandy prime time walleye that fell for…

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Fall Over for Walleyes

If you look in summer spots, your fall walleye fishing will be frustrating. But follow Hall of Famer Ted Takasaki’s transition formula and you just might score a monster like this! Though the calendar doesn’t say so yet, weather forecasters count the time around Labor Day as the start of autumn. Walleye fishermen can attest…

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Trophy Walleye Trip Planner

Catching eating-size walleyes for the skillet is fun. But, who wouldn’t want to see a 10-pound walleye in the net? Big fish get big because they’re wary. They’ve got what it takes to avoid the hazards of the fish-eat-fish world they live in, and they’re tough to fool into biting. That’s what makes hoisting one…

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Spring Time Walleyes

Perhaps the most eagerly sought after of all game fish, at least during the early open-water months of spring, is the walleye. While the Wisconsin state-wide opener is not until early May, a few bodies such as the Wisconsin River system where I guide remain open year round. To my clients and me, the walleye…

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Anchors Away!

There are times when fishing for walleyes is like putting a candy bar on the coffee table in front of couch potato trying to go on a diet. He might not eat it right away, but wait an hour and that chocolate will be gone. Faster tactics like trolling or even slower approaches like rigging…

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Fall River Walleye Tactics

Even the classic deep water zone just below dams can be relatively unpressured in later fall. Trophy walleyes like this one caught by Ted Takasaki are predictable in autumn, when they make ‘staging migrations’ into the vicinity of next spring’s spawning areas. If you encounter crowds near the dam, follow Takasaki’s additional insights to find…

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Walleyes and Weather

An easy-to-understand story about barometric pressure and its impact on your fishing Pro angler Ted Takasaki holds up a monster walleye taken during an approaching storm. In this article, meteorologist and avid angler Todd Heitkamp helps us all understand the impact weather– especially barometric pressure– has on fishing. Todd Heitkamp still remembers the day his…

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Jig Up Some ‘Eyes

Walleyes are much harder to pattern in fall than in summer because most lakes stratify during the summer months, forming distinct temperature layers. The shallow water is usually too warm for walleyes and the deep water often lacks sufficient oxygen, so the walleyes hang out in the middle, where optimum temperature and oxygen levels exist….

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The “Hot Summer Eyes” of Bay De Noc

It’s what we’ve been waiting for those hot, lazy, crazy days of August and then someone says it’s too “hot” to catch any walleye! The excuses start: too hot, too calm, too much humidity, too many fish (walleye’s) and not enough days to fish them! If your looking for a time of the year when…

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